Sunday, April 5, 2009


When I got into ham radio back in the 70's, the veteran hams were QSO'ing each other with the observation that we newcomers were nothing but "appliance operators." Indeed, I would assume that to be the truth. All the work was done for us, and few indeed were guys (and gals) who were interested in taking on a Heathkit, or other home-built rig. My very first rig was an Eico 723 (?) I'm not sure of that nomenclature and too busy to search on the web. I remember that black and gold cabinet and the thrill I got in the 1960's when I had the call sign WN2NXX. (Remember novice calls?) I even recall my first contact on CW. It was a station in Kansas and I was completely bowled over by the contact. (I let it that novice call sign lapse and renewed my interest in amateur radio in the 70's. Ahh, the memories!)

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