Wednesday, August 6, 2008


Thanks to amateur radio operators like Joe Piechowski, many lonely military men and women were treated to a trans-oceanic telephone conversation with their loved ones stateside. I was also privileged to have a phone patch from my Army A.S.A. barracks in Bad Aibling, Germany, all the way home to an amateur radio operator in the Bucks County area. It was that Christmas Eve contact with home that led to me becoming an amateur radio operator. (WA2RVU).

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Steve Csorgo Jr said...

Hi Tom,
Wow this brings back memories. Dad, W2QJO did his share of phone patching as we were not that far from Ft Dix. I still get emails from another ham who used the phone patch or if he could came out to visit and chat with his wife (also a ham) in Costa Rica. Noel TI2NAG was working at Princeton Univ. in the mid 60's. By the way, I'm making a list of the hams Dadused to talk too. List is just over 100 now. Sometime soon I will email it to you. Keep doing a great job!!