Thursday, February 21, 2008



These babies were made out on Long Island and were considered top of the line in the 50s. They also had a military contract and made a lot of money engineering radio and transmitting equipment for them and the amateur community.

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Steve E Csorgo Jr said...

Dad, W2QJO had one of these to replace his National receiver I remember since I was old enough to understand his radio equipment. after this Dad finally in about 1977 moved up to a transceiver ( Tempo one I remember) later he got an FT101ZD, FT102 and finally a TS830. I stilll own the FT102 & the TS830 along with 2 D104 Lollypop Mic's. I know Dad gave the GPR90 to my kid sister in around 1980. I will have to see if she still has it? If she does , maybr I can get it and donate it to you too start your antique radio collection. Thanks again for putting my Dad and his hobby online and lets hope some of the folks he talked to can remember that contact. Thanks again,
Steve Jr.