Monday, February 18, 2008


Tom, you can still hear the fist of W2ZI Ed Raser today on vinyl or CD. What a Legacy he left us! In the 1960's Avant/experimental, electronic genius Vladimir Ussachevsky showed up on Mr. Rasers door step to record old style cw and examples of spark transmissions. Ed graciously complied and the recording track "Wireless Fantasy" is history. In the 4 minute plus recording Ed Raser sends various cw calls, Wannamakers Department Store WA, Then Radio Cape Cod DF a few other assorted things and Finally "AR GN" which meant end of transmission and Good Nite!
The recordings are very hard to find today and at least "Wireless fantasy" can be heard on the Internet with the following addressee. Click on Wireless Fantasy and have fun. It was a LP recording thus a few clicks but very intelligible.
w8su (ZUT) CW forever!

DF on the recording is the ID call of the
Manhattan Beach Radio Station, one of
the best known of the early broadcasters
with a range from Nova Scotia to the
Caribbean; WA NY is the ID for
Waldorf-Astoria Station which started
broadcasting in 1910; DOC DF DeForest's
own code nickname.
I have a PDF and will send it, you are
welcome to any of the material plus new
pictures OF Ed Raser in this months QST
under John Dilks section of Old Time radio.


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