Saturday, January 5, 2008


I am always fascinated when I read the memories related by fellow members of "Wrinkle City." Sid Deitz, W2FDE can be counted on to remember many of the persons, places and things in the downtown Trenton area in those years when Trenton was a safe and clean city. Sid lived in center city and if memory serves me, on Factory Street. Thanks very much for your input Sid, I do hope you and any others who visit the site will take the time to recall earlier years.


READ & ENJOYED ALL OF ARTICLES. I NEVER HAD THE PLEASURE OF MEETING Steve W2QJO, but did chat with him on the air. I met W2RIR at a DVRA flea market & learned that Rhode Island Red was a type of Chicken, as like “Leghorn” was another breed of chicken. Perhaps some of the chicks raised in the Glover yard were one of these varieties?

I used to admire the baby chicks (I think called “Peeps”) in the farm store on North Warren Street – the name of the store was Satterthwaite’s & it was approximately across the street from the Stacy Movie Theater – so on the east side of North Warren Street. There was a small alley, that led to a “Comfort Station” with Men’s & Women’s lavatories. W2ZQ in 1946 was located on North Warren Street (#126 or 130) kind of across the street from “Photo Art” shop who developed & printed photo film of various sizes such as 35mm, 127, 130, 120 & 620 were the same size film, but used different spools with different ends of the spools that mated wit the film winding knob to change to the next exposure, etc. Remember the Kodak “Brownie” as well as bellows cameras that kind of preceded the “box Camera” type. 73’s for now – Sid. W2FDE

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